Thursday, October 30, 2008

So it Begins...

After posting a recipe on my other blog I came up with the idea to share with everyone all of my favorite recipes and shopping tips. So the Tummy Yummy blog was created!! I love finding, trying, and sharing dishes that I know my family enjoys. Since we recently moved farther away from the city we don't have major grocery stores near by and only a few resturants to eat at. So I have learned to create a food budget, meal plan, and cook more for my family. I admit we used to eat out so much - I really don't enjoy cooking and fast food was so convienant. But reality hit about a year ago when we realized we were spending alomst a third of our grocery budget eating out. We needed to start saving money and that's when I decided to meal plan and cook more for my family. Than moving out here has become my challenge to make our budget stretch to each shopping trip, create a food storage, and find fun new recipes that my family would enjoy. Cooking has become fun for me and I enjoy the way it has benefited my family.
So check back often for fun recipes, tips, and ideas to help bring cooking back to your family table. Please send me feedback and any recipes that you would love to share with me and others. Hope you enjoy our newest blog.