Tuesday, July 28, 2009


As you all know I love to dip EVERYTHING...
Cinnamon Bears
...You name it I might have just DIPPED it!!
Well this last week I have been working on a Cakepop/ball Fundraiser for my mom to raise money for the Relay for Life my family is participating in. So I having become dipping CRAZY!! LOL!☺
I will post more about the fundraiser later but I wanted to show you my most recent recipe and a little Thank You I helped my mom whip up for her WONDERFUL nurses at the hospital --

These are Strawberry Cake Pops (hence PINK for Breast Cancer Awareness;)!!) arranged very pretty in a pot to say a huge Thank You to all those that have helped my mom along in her treatment! I sure hope they enjoy them!!:)

This is my newest dipping excursion...
I took Philadelphia Ready to Eat Cheesecake Filling (you could use a homemade recipe if you prefer). Than I scooped balls out with my Pampered Chef Scoop and rolled them in Graham cracker crumbs.

Place the cheesecake balls on a waxed paper lined cookie sheet. Place them in the freezer to firm up - about 15 minutes. When ready to dip warm chocolate according to package. Dip and drizzle. Package or EAT!!:) For other tips and recipes check out my other posts for CAKE POPS!

OOOHH Don't they look YUMMY!?☺

Now my husband has been such a great help...he's quite the Dipper! LOL So I had to give into his promptings to dip a Strawberry Twinkies in chocolate! It actually looks really GOOD!! But too sweet for me:) He said it was YUMMY...and that's all that matters!

Happy Dipping!!


shanesblondie said...

Strawberry dipped twinkies...Oh how sinful...but YUM