Wednesday, July 7, 2010

FrUiT PiZzA - 4th of JULY StYle

I LOVE this Fruit Pizza recipe that is posted HERE!!
So for the 4th of July I doubled it into a jelly roll pan and turned it into a festive flag!
I rolled out two pkgs of sugar cookie dough...
Baked it, let it cool...
And frosted it with the YUMMY cheesecake frosting recipe!
(ps - I doubled the frosting but it was WAAAYY too much so no need to do that but it made GREAT dip for apples and bananas!)
Than I added blueberries and strawberrys to make an American Flag!!
This is a WONDERFUL treat for any BBQ this summer!!!!


Maclaine & Sara said...

Awesome idea--I will definitely be making this.