Thursday, February 18, 2010

♥YUMmy Valentines Day Treats♥

So I have been slacking on my treat making and dipping this year.  I really wanted to make cake pops but time and exhaustion from this pregnancy has taken over. But the kids and I did spend an afternoon dipping a few tasty treats for our family and friends.  I turned our left overs into a festive Valentine center piece for a family party that we had:)
We dipped and sprinkled--
Oreo's - chocolate and vanilla ones
Rice Krispie treats that we cut into hearts
and since my husband is a HUGE fan of chocolate covered cinnamon bears I made him some of those (cinn. lips too)!:)  They took awhile and didn't turn out as pretty as I had hoped but they sure are YUMMY!!
Ingredients we used--
*Kroger Chocolate Almond bark
*Kroger Vanilla Almond bark colored pink (use paste not liquid food coloring)
*Valentine Sprinkles
*Sucker Sticks
*Wilton bottles for drizzling
*Anything you would like to dip:)
 My next task is to dip strawberries in our left over chocolate...all the stores were sold out but I eventually bought some and they are my favorite!!!!!  Next month I have some very yummy new treats I wanna try for St. Patty's Day....So stay tuned!